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Planning a trip to Sin City? Looking forward to visiting some casinos, doing some shopping, or enjoying the nightlife? Well, don’t forget that Las Vegas is also known for its many fine-dining restaurants. High-class atmosphere, luxury service, and top quality food are all things you can expect to find from the city’s best restaurants. In fact, it’s not a true Las Vegas vacation without some Las Vegas luxury dining.

But where do you start? There are so many restaurant options in Las Vegas that it can certainly be overwhelming. This is why we’ve made it easier for you; check out our list of the top luxury restaurants Las Vegas has to offer, and spend some of that gambling money on really good food instead!

Experience exclusivity

Most fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas will require a reservation given their popularity and limited seating. At some restaurants, however, it’s even more important to get that reservation ahead of time.

At é by José Andrés, located in The Cosmopolitan hotel, reserving yourself a seat is so important because the dining space is made up of one long bar with only nine seats available. That means they limit the number of reservations to just two separate parties per night. If that’s not exclusive, I don’t know what is.

But the difficulty of getting a seat is worth it. The menu is made up of Spanish avant-garde dishes, put together in creative and new ways, and the red-themed, dramatic environment sets the tone for a luxurious night of dining. You can reserve your spot up to three months in advance, so make sure you plan ahead!

If you don’t need quite such an intimate setting, consider Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas hotel. The reason to eat here is pretty self-evident; It’s Gordon Ramsey, after all, a name just about every American recognizes from hit shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. The space is much larger than our previous listing, with a two-story dining area, a bar, and a lounge. Oh, and there’s a chef’s table and private rooms available just in case you do want intimacy. But don’t be fooled, reservations are still necessary.

Enjoy the best cuts of beef, the freshest fish, and simple classics like mac and cheese, all made with high-quality ingredients and Ramsay’s professional sense of taste. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Enjoy outdoor seating

When the weather is warm in Las Vegas, there’s nothing better than eating outside. These two luxury restaurants have an outdoor option (that is if you’re able to snag it before someone else)!

The Picasso restaurant, situated in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino on the Strip, has a unique artistic ambiance complete with balcony seating overlooking the Bellagio Fountains. As you may have guessed from the name, the theme here is Pablo Picasso, with original works hanging on the walls and even some of his ceramic pieces adorning the dining rooms. Even Chef Julian Serrano’s menu is Picasso inspired, with influences from France and Spain where the artist resided. If you’re a fan of art, this is a must-see restaurant.

Another option for outdoor seating is Joël Robuchon, at the MGM Grand next to Cirque Du Soleil’s KÀ theatre. This restaurant is quite famous for its upscale interior and three Michelin stars, atop a slew of other awards. Here you will find French cuisine and Art Deco townhouse-inspired surroundings, with a Parisian terrace for those looking to breathe some fresh air.

Try something new

Las Vegas is known for being eccentric and crazy, so why not have a dining experience to match? You don’t have to sacrifice on flavor and luxury to have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Many have heard of the Blackout restaurant, a dining in the dark adventure meant to engage the rest of your senses. At this restaurant you are led to your table where you will eat a five to seven-course meal, prix-fixe and plant-based, in complete darkness. The menu is designed to maximize the engagement of your senses with plenty of drink options you may choose from. This is a chance to be a little adventurous, take on a new challenge, and create truly unique memories. Isn’t that what Las Vegas is for?

Last on our list, and perhaps the best, is the Top of the World restaurant. This dining experience is no less than 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip in the STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod. This dining area doesn’t have many walls and instead is encapsulated by large windows overlooking the city. But that’s not all, the restaurant actually rotates in the sky a full 360 degrees every 80 minutes, so you’ll get a glimpse of every possible view.

With a French-inspired menu and plenty of unique cocktails, you must try this restaurant if you’re looking for a dining experience to die for. It’s perfect to impress your date, to share with friends, or to create unforgettable family memories, all in the most luxurious atmosphere Las Vegas has to offer.

With this list of luxury restaurants Las Vegas is home to, you’ll be able to have a new, high-quality experience each night. Make sure you dress the part, reserve a table ahead of time, and prepare your taste buds for the best week they’ll have all year. So get out there and experience the party-side of las Vegas, and then experience its cuisine, too!